Friday, 18 November 2011

Bath Tub & Spa STOLEN

Our house has passed the lock out stage but windows & doors were still open until last week. SS mentioned he got bath tub and spa delivered but someone stole it the next day. Now our house is fully locked and I can only see the progress through the windows. The paint has started and will take approx 2 weeks to complete.

SS made is very clear that the house won’t be delivered before Christmas as many little things still need to be completed. He is looking to complete all the work by Jan or Feb but will be able to provide a definite date by mid of Dec.

Bit of disappointment – Wife asked for more cabinets in Laundry but it was too late at this stage. Porter Davis said they unable to make or provide any more Cabinets as all the cabinet work has now been completed.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Kitchen Installed

We went to see the house yesterday afternoon and the kitchen was delivered and installed, also the laundry, WIP, bathroom, Ensuite cabinets are installed.
Will post some photos soon. Now the paint will start from next week (hopefully) 

Plaster & Skirting will be completed by Friday 04/11/11 - COMPLETED
Kitchen delivered and installed – 5 days by 11/11/11 – COMPLETED
Bathroom & laundry cabinet – 2 days – COMPLETED
Electrician – 5 days
Plumbing – 2 days  
Paint – 3 days
Tile & carpet – 5 days
Laminate flooring – 3 days

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Door Frames & doors are installed

We went to the house yesterday and saw all the door frames & doors are now installed. I am not sure if I mentioned earlier, we getting 2340mm high Corinthian balmoral 2 panel doors for Master Bed (2 doors), Garage internal, Study, Theatre room (2 doors) and standard doors to other bedrooms & bathroom.

Entry Door

WIN40 Obscure - Antique Walnut 801 - Here is a picture (took me awhile to find on Internet)

The kitchen wasn’t delivered as we were told earlier. Will check with SS today about the status.

Also I am organising the fence for the property and getting quotes from different companies. If you know any company in the West, please do share the details. I have already notified the neighbours regarding intention to get the fence so will be sending them the quote once finalized.  

There is a fence company in Werribee called Fenceable and they said they can also contact the neighbours and charge them directly. I am not sure if this is the norm or Fenceable is providing some additional service. But it sound good and reasonable as well. The quote provided by Fenceable is $57.00 (+ gst) per meter.  

Two more houses started in the area, so all together we now have 7-8 houses. Looks like two more will be starting in a day or two as they have water meter & tap installed on the land. 

Monday, 7 November 2011

Entrance door to the spa pump change

SS suggested we should change the entrance door to spa pump in WIR rather than front of the spa in Ensuite. We really liked the suggestion and decided to go ahead with it. Here is the picture. 

Also, we went to the house on the weekend and all the plaster work is now completed. I am told that kitchen will be delivered today (Monday) and installed this week.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Front Render Photo

Front Render completed couple of days ago and here is the picture...They still need to paint it to Jasper Color which I suspect it will happens with all the other paint jobs. 

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Plaster almost completed

We went to the house yesterday at 06PM, and two of the guys were still doing the skirting..Looks like Porter Davis putting a real effort to get all done before the Christmas. Few of my friends thinks that the house will be ready by Christmas but I am bit optimist and think that it will be ready by mid of Jan, any guesses?

Here is what I think:

Plaster & Skirting will be completed by Friday 04/11/11
Kitchen delivered and installed – 5 days by 11/11/11
Bathroom & laundry cabinet – 2 days
Electrician – 5 days
Plumbing – 2 days  
Paint – 3 days
Tile & carpet – 5 days
Laminate flooring – 3 days

Front render also completed, so the house looks almost complete from the outside. They will still be painting the render later as it is not the same color as we asked. I didn’t bother the ask the SS as I assume they will be painting it later. Didn’t want to embarrass myself same as the last time. I think I was quick to notify them even before the work is not fully completed.  

Also found a window broken yesterday in dinning...Hope they replace it soon :-(